Healing & Wellness Services

Holistic healing is an excellent compliment to our modern life. It is a way to connect with our natural abilities and for our body to help find its natural rhythm to support the lifestyle changes we need to create a balanced life. All services are available in Kaimuki & Waipahu by appointment.

Body – Sound Healing Therapy

Therapeutic and deep-tissue massage with sound healing offer a harmonic treatment with tuning forks and singing bowls. Circadian rhythm resets harmony in the nervous system to help activate your body’s natural healing abilities. May help to alleviate long-term, chronic issues held in the body.

Mind – Energy Healing – 3rd Eye

Reiki, Meditation (RoXiva light meditation), and Sound Healing combine with an Oracle/Tarot card reading for a session focused on the clearing of the chakras and energetic alignment/flow.

Kaimuki: Google

1126 12th Ave., Suite 204

Online booking available here

Healing & Wellness Sessions:

  • 60 minute sessions: $100
  • 90 minute sessions: $150

Healing & Wellness Session Packages:

  • 3- one hour sessions: $275
  • 4- one hour sessions: $375
  • 3- 90 minute sessions: $400
  • 4- 90 minute sessions: $550
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