There are many things I’d like to say and none of them matter.

This is the new beginning that I have been working on for the last 7 years. I’m living the life I was meant to live. It is the life I have tried not to live but I have no choice. I have to live this life, this way, every day.

Everything I thought was wrong and everything I did was right. My path through my journey brought me exactly where I needed to be and I surrender. I surrender to destiny. I surrender to the calling of the cosmos. I am a child of the cosmos and I live this life with a mission.

I am love.

With every breath and every heartbeat, I live love. I speak truth. I give dreams.

I live dreams.

A fire burns inside of me. There is a light which cannot be extinguished. It shines so brightly that it blinds me.

I shine in the darkest hours of the darkest days.

The time has come for me to let go of everything I was taught and be everything I know. I am in the flow of the vibration of the universe. It is my time.

Origin: Hindhuism
Language: Sanskrit

Om Om Om
Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Poornam Bhavatu
Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu
Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Mantra’s Meaning:

May there be happiness in all
May there be peace in all
May there be completeness in all
May there be success in all

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