A Moment of Thought

My words must change

As my thoughts change

Time to release my tongue.

Burned away are the words

Turned to smoke

This is my vision

In my mindʻs eye I see me

Beauty exhaled with love filling the breath

I am beautiful

Deep dark eyes that sparkle with light

A smile of sunshine

I see myself

This is my world

Blue skies

Cloudy skies

The wind blows across the ocean to breath in

Palm trees sway in the wind dancing to the song of the birds

A fish peeks up from the water

There is a turtle that comes in and out of the water on occassion

Paradise Bay

I am blessed with sunrises and sunsets

Love is filling my life

I am grateful for this day and this moment

The full moon energy growing in my night

Basking in the moonbeams

Letting go in the light

Releasing fear to learn to love fear

Exhaling from the core of my body

Inhaling a breath into my core

Filling myself with another breath

Reaching the darkness within to awaken your soul

Being in the breath to measure the passing of time

Nothing more than a breath of gratitude

With another inhale

Breathe filling the body

Exhale feeling the body

Control within the release of everything

Melt with release

Stay in moments of breath

Then I open my eyes

My world is all around

Filled with violence

But I am love

Being love

Living love

Changing my world

I see me

Being my world

In a breath

In a moment of breath



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