Being Woman

Woman is the Creator of the Universe, the Universe is her form. Woman is the foundation of the world….
There is no prayer equal to a woman,
There is not, nor has been, nor will be any yoga to compare with a woman,
no mystical formula nor asceticism to match a woman”
(Shakti-Sangama Tantra II.52)


I am woman

My gender is female

My body is curved

I am woman


There is magic in my soul

And it extends out with every step

Every touch

There is magic

I am magic


With my body I create

From the heart I love

In my core

Man connects to my energy

He enters me

And his energy becomes my energy

We create a vibration

Uniting as one


Our souls dance

Lust becomes passion

We become pure light

In the flames of desire

With breath that burns

The barriers of pain

To find pleasure

As we release in exhale

Thrusts of emotion

Filling me with him

And I surrender

To the moment

I surrender

To him

Holding him deep within

Breathing his every stroke

Together we join

Creating the universe

Our world

A cosmos of stars


I am woman

My body is the universe

My breath is the rhythm

My soul is the stars

I am woman



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