There are moments with you that I don’t even remember breathing when I am in your arms.

My body is pressed against yours and the world around us melts away.

I inhale you.

Breathing you in.

Time stops.

I melt into you.

The way you touch me when you hold me.

I stop thinking and my body moves with your body.

I am breathless moving with pure pleasure from your touch.

My mind, my body, my heart and my soul are lost in ecstasy.

We are yin and yang.

Being with you makes me smile.

And when we are apart, it makes me appreciate the time I have spent with you.

My spare moments are spent thinking of you.

I want…

nothing but another moment with you to feel you hold me as I melt into you.

nothing more than to see you happy and nothing more than to make you happy.

nothing but to love you.

Being with you is magical.

We are eternally connected.

Our lives have brought us to these moments and you are magic.

You have touched my soul and filled it with love.

I’m just thinking about you.



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