Chasing Dragons

They take me away and I am present in body only

My mind is out in my imagination chasing them

The ancestors of this ancient culture from where my magic comes 

A line of healers and philosophers, artists and craftsmen, gardeners and tenders of the earth

One with all creatures of the earth

Knowing our beginnings all come from the same source whatever name one may prescribe 

There was magic and whomever may wish to be argumentative with the way, magic is unexplainable 

Feeling the chill of the breeze in the midst of listening to a bird’s song is the sound of the palm trees blowing in cool air to calm my fire

Easing my mind and focusing on my breathing 

Entering the darkness and silence as my thoughts come in to focus

Greeting the man and other nameless faces that appear 

I am never alone, all I need to do is sit in silence with my eyes closed and someone will come in to focus

But they do not usually speak 

Only once has one ever spoken, he gave me a box of light and he said it was mine, I always had it 

Questions are never answered when I ask or I should say, words are never used to answer me and answers are not immediately given

There are things I just know and remember as I practice 

But I am seeking reassurance 

I am questioning myself 

Chasing dragons 

They hold the answers 

To seek them is to practice sitting and call them with silence 

If you meet one then you will know, you will understand and your dreams will never be the same

There will never be the reassurance I want because I am blocked to receive the praise

Doubt and fear still haunt me

So I chase dragons

I seek to dream and believe that it is real

My shadow is walking in reality as I live 

We, shadow and light, are awake in me

Light and shadow balanced in yin yang harmony for a breath 

My wings spread as I inhale and release as I exhale to sit up and open my wings to their full expanse

Flapping to lift me, leaving my body 

Seeing myself sitting but I am empty 

Floating above myself with my wings ready to fly free I am gone…

Living in my imagination and chasing dragons

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