Yoga  #thoughts

Yoga is my passion. It is my practice everyday. Every day begins and ends with yoga. 

But my practice is not about moving into fancy postures and working out. I think the pictures I see are beautiful and I envy the beauty of everyone and I respect the work it takes to have a strong, physical practice. I hope to one day find my way into all the asana I can as I work in through my practice. 

My first yoga teacher used to say, “Yoga is not a work out, it’s a work in.” 

I am a simple beginning practitioner of yoga. There is so much to learn and I understand that I will never stop learning. This is only the end of everything as I was taught because I am meant to be me.

This was one of the first books I read about yoga. I found it in a second-hand bookstore and all I wanted to do after I finished reading was to learn more. Who doesn’t want to be trained in the occult practices of the Hindus; it’s printed by the Theosophical Publishing House; its old and I began another aspect of yoga, I began to read yoga. 

Yoga is teaching me to teach myself.

I can read all kinds of different things and learn the same thing differently, I have my own interpretation of everything and I question everything. The only thing I have learned is that I don’t know very much. 

Sometimes I feel like I don’t know anything. Sometimes I know I don’t know anything. Sometimes I am nothing and everything is me. 

It is in these moments I don’t always find what I want, I am given what I need. Seeing what I have and learning, experiencing beautiful and horrific, emotional pain. I become the pain. I am anger and mistrust. I am fire and I burn brightly. I am the darkness after the fire has destroyed everything into ash. I am the Phoenix who rises. 

Chanting and creating a vibration that is in harmony with the cosmos. Moving to dance in the flow of the music that fills my mind in the mantra. Asana teaches me all the beauty of the physical body in its connection to the water, air, fire, and earth to heal myself and others. Our souls find the hearts of love which connects us all the flow of the cosmos. Connecting others in and to the flow of energy of love. 

This is yoga for me. My opportunity to work and learn as I grow with a new perspective on life. Seeing myself in the mirror, in the darkness, and in the light. Seeing me as myself in darkness and light. Being me in every moment. Loving me. 

The history of yoga is a tale of time that is a part of the story of the evolution of the earth. It goes back to the creation of humans and our evolution on this earth. 

I don’t know anything about anyone from anywhere. It is all a mystery. There are so many sources of information available that the idea of trying to absorb all of the knowledge out there makes my mind feel like it will explode. But I have this never ending thirst for knowledge. Someone posted a great link on my Facebook and it started me thinking about all the things I wanted to say. I couldn’t write it all in a comment on Facebook. So this is the end of my thought… and here’s a link to the article that set me off on this train of thought: 10 Things We Didn’t Know About Yoga Until This Must-Read Dropped 

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