Me Puzzle

Pieces to a puzzle

That’s all I see when I look back upon my life

This or that from many moons ago, now makes sense and I see the bigger picture 

They are my guides, these children of mine

They are my companions in this life

As I am meant to lead them on to their path in this life upon this this earth

Piece by piece 

It all makes sense and the journey continues through this earth cycle.

Human time keeping is not in harmony with the Earth, moon, and cosmos.

This has been difficult for me to grasp.

My body is guided my by the sun and the moon cycles

To be energetically in harmony with this unharmonious physical being has been my downfall in my earth cycle. 

The new balance of world order, my world order

Breaking the chains of the human system on earth to recreate this existence.

Seeing the full picture as the puzzle comes in to full view.

I have never been able to envision myself getting old 

Now I see more than just a piece here or there, I see pictures everywhere 

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