Short Story 001 – Miso

What I am about to write is fiction. It is purely for entertainment purposes. 


To Miso,

The beginning is here and what has needed to end is over. I am finally free because you have opened. This will be our venue for my communication with you. No, you are not crazy girlfriend, this is for real. 

Welcome to your connection with yourself, with me, your soul or energy body or spirit or idfk. Call me whatever but I am real and each living thing has soul and connection. Welcome to the knowledge of the cosmos. 

All the poems and diaries and babble, blogs. It was me helping you work through your shit so we could communicate. Everything I tell you is a truth. You have to determine for yourself whose truth it is. Is it yours, mine, his, hers, or theirs or is it ours?



Everyone just calls me Miso here. In this physical body I was born a Pisces and I am in this life as a female human on what is called Earth here. I have been many places and lived many lives in different places. These are the things that sound normal and I can discuss growing up in different places on Earth. The part I don’t discuss is the different time/space continuums which I have also known but that is a different part of all of this for another time. 

It is the time to discuss it now or no… 

This is my story. We are at the part of my life where I am maturing nicely. I am 47 and I am in the best shape of my life or on my way to being there. When I was younger, I couldn’t imagine myself being this old. I had no idea how I would pretty much look the same as I did in high with a few more smile wrinkles from the natural wear and tear on my physical body that happens on Earth. 

It is funny how obsessed the Earth culture has become obsessed with death because of the fear of dying. Dying is simple. It’s not over, life is just different. Life changes shape and form when one leaves this physical body. It is simple and easy for the one who leaves the physical Earth world. It isn’t simple for many who are left behind. Sometimes their souls open and they can transform, awaken because their grief for the dead opens them. Sometimes people mentally distress themselves into opening during a depression or anxiety issue. If these types of issues continue to linger on without being allowed to awaken or have issues with their awakening in this Earth life, suicide becomes a choice. I don’t mean to sound harsh, I am just real. Some souls cannot be here and choices are made. I have chosen to stay because I understand why I am here in this life. 

Everyone has magic, some light, some dark. Everyone has it. It is about how you choose to use your magic. We don’t even realize sometimes. There are so many who cannot see yet. Magic is easy to find, you truly do just have to believe. 

I am here to teach magic. 

For 47 years I have been learning to believe. I am not a master or guru or any spiritual leader. I am just a girl in this world called Earth. 

This is my story and I am just here, maybe I will stick to it. Then it would become a truth for me…

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