Short Story 002 – Mala

There was a time in another life, when the day began and ended with chanting. Everyday infused with the mantras. In the darkness and quiet of the nights I return.

Miso could not understand the dreams and the feelings of the cosmos coming into flow but being Miso, she just went with it. She wasn’t sleeping well when she awoke she would feel nauseous as if she were still shaking from vibrations. She fell asleep with the new mala from the bead store. She had been falling asleep every night with it on since she got it earlier in the week. 

She could feel the way the mala held a special place in the hands of the first owner. She could feel his love as his hands passed over the beads. His voice kept a vibration in the mala. It grounds her into her core as she feels his breath is still warming his hands as he chants to bless by being a blessing. He was alive.

Their worlds, the time, the concept of being crossed dimensions and dreams. I returned to my mountain where he awaited, her new guru and my first master. Serving as a keeper of time and energy I have brought her to sit and dream reality as a master, with my master.

Her time has come to heal the darkness with magic. She is so open to her awakening and her healing touch is miraculous. She is blessed with strength to understand that science is magic. It is all connected. She will be healing the people with touch and energy. 

They do not speak as words are unnecessary. My masters share energy across all planes with the universe. The knowledge is in all things and to be heard in the silence. 

Sunrise warms the sky and calms the wind from the dark moon cycle to begin a new day, another step in the journey. She awakens with no physical memory of the meeting, only her body knows where we have been. She is filled with the knowledge of the heavens and the sadness of the darkness. She carries the burden of truth in a world which is blind to the light within. She is the hope of love to heal the world and she is not alone. She is a gateway to the magic of the cosmos. 

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